This where you can post ideas for achievements.

I have one:

Name: Blistering Barnacles

Rewards: Barnacle Staff

Completed when: You destroy 100 barnacles in the Shoot-A-Pirate game.

Another one:

Name: Conquering Necrophobia

Rewards: 10,000 coins

Completed when: You destroy 1,000 infected astronauts
LEGO Universe 2011-11-06 15-42-27

A possible achievement that we could put.

LEGO Universe 2011-07-30 11-06-43

Another possible achievement

and another:

name:Back to Doom

rewards:1,000 coins,spiritual blaster

Completed when:you destroy 100 maelstrom spirits

TheTurkeyBoy's Ideas

Name: Meet Thy Maker

Rewards: 100,000 coins, 1,000,000 xp, Special Item

Completed when: You meet the Maker or Administrator

Name: Security Officer

Rewards: 100 coins, 100 xp

Completed when: You meet a Moderator

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