Isla Perdida

Isla Perdida is a tiny planet chunk out in the far corners of space, on which a small group of Venture League have established a secret village. Here can be found the biggest scumbags, tomb robbers, and buccaneers in the universe.


  1. Jimmy Soupspoon: Pirate Cook. Distant relative of Simon Soupspoon. First Perdidian vendor.
    Jimmy Soupspoon

    Jimmy Soupspoon

  2. Captain Click: Pirate Skeleton. Gives out helpful tips about the Isla.

    Captain Click

  3. Blackjack Hawkins: Pirate Mate. Gives out daily missions involving cocoanut collection and racing,

    Blackjack Hawkins

    Crazy Yates

    Crazy Yates

    Island Perdida Trailer 100:29

    Island Perdida Trailer 1

    Trailer 1

  4. Crazy Yates: Pirate Castaway. Gives players an instructional mission on how to find and dig up treasure chests.

Lordlegovader NPC

1. Island Tribesman

Gives Missions to get rid of island pests.



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