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  • Goggles99

    Hello out there?

    June 8, 2012 by Goggles99

    I dont know how many, if any of you, are still here, but for those of you who are, Hello!

    So it seems this wiki is dying, right? Perhaps. I remember when this wiki first started. Back in its early days, Ben was a great help. But then he left to go to PB. Then, later on, there was Brickenneer. But now he has also gone :(. And me? I have been busy with PB.

    The golden days of this wiki was when we were getting new members every week, 15+ new posts a day and heaps of new blog posts and updates. And I doubt if there is even anyone here to read this.

    But not lose heart. We can be proud of what we have done. I look around this wiki, and I see great ideas. And I mean really great. Why are they great? Because they are simple, origin…

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  • Goggles99

    Hey everyone! How are you all? I haven't made a blog post in quite a while, so I thought I might make an update.
    Well first lets clean up some mess. Some of you may have noticed a message sent to me from AtomicScientist, and that he "fired" me and also insulted my friend. Well as for "firing" me: I never asked to be a part of his project - LNA (Lego Nexus Adventures) - I actually got an offer from one of its members for me to join it. So I accepted and was enlisted into the ranks of LNA. Keep in mind that this was quite a while ago, and I did not know much about any of the projects back then. All I knew was that there was multiple projects for making a new fan-made Lego Universe, and that I wanted to help out any of them as much as I could.…

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  • Goggles99

    Hey team! Benjamin asked me to make him some GUI images and a here they are.

    I am not very happy with how the "Life" image turned out. So if you need it changed, let me know.

    Oh and if your wondering what "VLASP" means? It stands for "Venture League, Assembly, Sentinel Paradox". And the letters and bricks are color-coded in that order.

    So what do you think?

    To Benjamin: I hope you are able to use them, and I hope you like them :D

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  • Goggles99

    Please Read This!

    April 2, 2012 by Goggles99

    Guys, I know this is probably going to make you all mad, and I'm probably going to sound mean, and I know you are all very enthusiastic...but if we continue this project like this....then IT WILL DIE. No ifs, no buts, no ors.

    These pages are just littered and crowded. 1: They are littered with random pictures of people playing LU. What use are they??? In the future, if we need pictures of LU, then we can go the Legouniversewiki, but why must we clog up this wiki with so many pics like that?

    2: They are littered with kids ideas of what they want LU 2 to look like. I have no problem with anyones age, and I like people giving ideas. But when kids who just want to tell the whole world 'I WANT THE GAME TO LOOK LIKE THIS' and "I WANT TO HAVE THIS …

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  • Goggles99

    A New Direction

    March 30, 2012 by Goggles99

    Ok guys Im starting to realize a few things, like where we are wasting our time, and where we need to spend more time. Ok first of all let me show you this message from the leader of Project Build, cdmpants (Aka. Hollis):

    "Sorry, but no one may join as a writer. If you would like to be a moderator, please wait until much, much later to ask.
    What do we need right now? Programmers, and... that's pretty much it. Perhaps animators, but right now I'm doing all the animating that we need. If there were more things we needed done, I would be very happy to let you and many other people join. But unfortunately, all we really need right now is programmers.
    Of course, there ARE other things we need, but right now we don't need any more people to make t…

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